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March 2012

The Olympic solidarity in collaboration with the National Olympic Committee (NOC) is supporting a ten-day Weightlifting Association (SLWA) course, to continue for ten days. Twenty participants from the North, South, East and West of the country

Sierra Leonean security forces guard the Marampa 803, a vessel apprehended for alleged illegal fishing activities, that has been moored off the West African country's capital Freetown January 21, 2012. West Africa, recognized as one

African Minerals Limited continues to show its readiness to transform Sierra Leone. The company’s passion for underprivileged and marginalized groups in the country is being greeted as a major step in the right direction. It

Controversy continues to dog the life of the disgraced mayor of Freetown with the last looming for him over claims that he has to pay a resounding amount of money. The issue of the disgraced mayor

People of Constituency 104 in the east of the capital Freetown have expressed the need to change their representative in the well of Parliament come the November polls.  (Photo: Tunda Lewally and his wife) As the

Artisanal Mining Destroys Forestry Reserves  - Activities of Artisanal miners in forestry reserve areas in the south, east, and northern parts of Sierra Leone are seriously depleting theses reserve areas to an extent of removing

Arthur Kwesi-John suspended Deputy Chief Administrator currently standing trial for corrupt cases with the elected mayor on corrupt charges  continues to visit the Freetown City Council without any good reason. Workers of the Freetown City council,

The main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) has maintained in recent days some news leads about a cross section of its members cross carpeting to the ruling All People’s Congress. Worse still are the

Yenga, a settlement in Kailahun District, eastern Sierra Leone, remains under the firm grips of Guinean soldiers who took control of it during the decade-long civil war in the country. The war ended 10 years ago,

When Sierra Leone’s decade-long civil war ended in 2002, the remote areas where that diamond-fuelled conflict originated had become a blasted wasteland of ruined villages and people sheltering under tarpaulins. Today, viewed from a lumbering

Flag-bearer aspirant of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), Mohamed C. Bah yesterday told Sierra Express Media in an exclusive interview that he has all it takes to change the economy of Sierra Leone. He said he

The Sierra Leone Prisons Department by all indications since the start of the Attitudinal and Behavioural Change (ABC) Secretariat’s district level sensitization tour seems to be undermining President Ernest Bai Koroma’s determination to eradicate repugnant

As the West African nation of Sierra Leone prepares for its upcoming democratic elections in November 2012, voters will have an opportunity to assess the stewardship of its current leadership or seek a new direction

As Africa flowers and its traditional values play out naturally with international ideals, the ensuing schisms are helping to refine some toxic African values that have been entangling Africans’ wellbeing. The conviction for life in

The International Bar Association (IBA) yesterday welcomed verdict in case of the first suspect to be tried before the International Criminal Court (ICC), Thomas Lubanga Dyilo (in photo).  Calling the judgment a symbolic achievement for