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Jungle Life in Sierra Leone

Jungle Life in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone nowadays seems to be following the philosophy of Charles Darwin which states that in the struggle for existence, only the fittest will survive, the law of the jungle.

Sierra Leone today resembles a jungle where only those with mental and economic strength are surviving the system. Those who have very strong pockets and very strong brains are living the happiest lives. With money, you can do anything in this country and get away with it as long as you are prepared to bribe the police and the judiciary. The commercialization of our legal system has compelled many to lose confidence in our justice system and now resort to the use of witch guns and other supernatural means to seek redress.

In Sierra Leone, if you do not have money, justice is not for you; the beautiful ladies are not for you; the House of Parliament is not for you.  Whether you are the most patriotic citizen, if you do not have the cash, you must have the criminal mentality to raise money, otherwise, you are doomed to eternal poverty and its consequent destruction.

People are no longer admired for their knowledge but for their wealth and criminality. Most of our politicians force their way into politics to amass ill-begotten wealth and not to serve their people as they keep claiming. Most of our leaders have sacrificed all their principles on the altar of money, making them morally bankrupt

This is a country where money speaks a very loud language that everybody can understand. Without money in Sierra Leone, you are a lower animal, having no right to food, shelter and clothing, the basic necessities of life to which every citizen is entitled.

Sierra Leone has become like the pre-Napoleon France where the social gap between the rich and the poor is so wide that if you are born low, there is every possibility that you will remain there unless your palm kernels are cracked by a benevolent spirit.

So, this country has become a jungle where only the economically and mentally fittest can survive the struggle for existence.

By Joseph Milton Lebbie

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