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Just what is all the fuss about?

Just what is all the fuss about?

Supporters of the APC government probably regard the Parliamentary SLPP opposition and its general membership as novices in democratic practice. After their victory which Christiana Thorpe and her regime change patrons had handed to them on a platter, they must have deluded themselves that theirs was going to be a smooth ride without any criticism from the opposition of their inefficiency.  (Photo: Sama Banya)

That after the formation of the government and various other appointments, the opposition must never point out that never in the history of this country has it  been so deliberately and conspicuously polarized. They have developed the habit of not just voicing their grouses but of grumbling about every action of the opposition.

These are the same people who have never ceased to tell the world what a corrupt and non performing government the SLPP government was. How every development had been the initiative of the APC since it came to power. What else would move the government mouthpiece the New Citizen newspaper to devote a whole editorial of more than two columns to grumbling and not complaining that the opposition was giving the country a bad name? How utterly childish. Whom are they attempting to intimidate?

It must be emphasized that the only laudable initiative of this government in its 36 months in power is the free healthcare service delivery to pregnant and lactating mothers and children who are under five years of age.

We have no quarrel with the honourble Paramount chief member for the Pujehun district lauding the praises of the government because in his position that is what is expected of him. He particularly has always exhibited maximum zeal for the government of the day. Who can forget the opposition that he and a colleague of his mounted against the return to civilian rule in 1996? It must however be pointed out to the chief that he has misdirected his logic by crediting the APC government for the Masiaka to Bo highway. With utmost respect to his position as Paramount chief, that is a cockeyed observation; he ought not to get involved in party political controversy.

What is wrong in saying that members and supporters of this government have been engulfed in corruption the like of which has not been seen since the Bailor Barrie/Davidson Nicol parable? Why should anyone praise the government’s economic performance when as late as last Friday the dollar had reached the equivalent of Le4025 and inflation continues to gallop at 17 per cent? In the midst of such misery the same people who have shown no appreciation of the SLPP’s postwar achievements have the nerve to tell us that the people of this country had never had it so good. Where is Brima Sannoh with his discription of the loyalty of the people of Kailahun as primitive? One can only commend the lucid manner in which opposition SLPP members of Parliament dealt with his Excellency’s recent address to Parliament.

Paul Kamara boasts that his foe-di-people newspaper stands for the truth and yet the paper does not hesitate to tell lies just to make a point. Referring to the feud between him and his erstwhile ally Olu Gordon over the Wanza gunboat saga Paul stated last Thursday that Sama Banya was one of those who had advised former President Tejan-Kabbah to pay Wanza. I would once again remind Paul of that admonition of Solomon in the Book of Proverbs in the Holy Bible, “BUY TRUTH, SELL IT NOT.”

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  • SLPP is a do nothin party period and there elite act childishly even in the interest of the country , which they stand to sabotage any development plan that is going on .Taking the sabotage as a political strategy.sour loosers.Continue to fool your followers pa who ?????


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