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An holistic health research carried out by Epilepsy Association of Sierra Leone (EASL) in 2013  has revealed that Traditional Beliefs and Epilepsy in Sierra Leone is worst than

Is strange behaviour due to witchcraft or is it a natural occurrence? Is uncanny attitude a diseased manifestation that can be processed through prayers or an occurrence that

'My grandmother is in Gnani', Ruka, 22, told me as we made our way to Yendi on a Metro Mass Bus.  It was an early morning bus.  I

A recent report by the BBC reveals a threatening dimension of witchcraft belief in Chad. This time, people are not banishing alleged witches to camps as in Ghana,

As the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) gets underway in South Africa, it is pertinent to critically examine the role of witchcraft in African football.  In sub Saharan

Station Manager of Citizen 103.7 FM Radio Kissy came under a terrific witchcraft ‘Fangay’ attack living various parts of his body disfigured to a point that he could

Veteran Ghanaian journalist Elizabeth Ohene, of BBC fame, disclosed that out of 45 Ghanaian medical students surveyed 41 believe witchcraft is responsible for existential problems; once again, revealing

Two boys of No. 3 Foster Street, at the Fourah Bay community, East of the capital on Thursday, September 13th openly confessed of practicing wizardry, after being conjured

Abu Bakarr Sulaiman Tarawally has been doing a perspective survey on what the existence of a society called the witches and wizards’ world is with particular reference to