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Although responsible authorities do not care  about the ugly situation at the Freetown filth depositing site, Bomeh as it has becomes a national concern because signs have started

The harbinger of the rain blasted it's trumpet yesterday in Freetown to announce the start of the rainy season next month! The whole announcement lasted for only 30 minutes

White Angels Sanitation and Hygiene Organization made up of more than sixty community organizations on Sunday 26th July 2015 embarked on the cleaning of Dove Cut and Guard

The attitude of our country's politicians and leaders for neglecting key issues and affairs of Sierra Leone, only to intervene and jump in after a disaster and deaths

Sierra Leone is a country surrounded with hills and mountains. Its unique coast line and riverbeds form parts of the country’s landscape that makes it attractive with buoyant

The Freetown Waste Management which has the duty of keeping the city clean is reportedly plagued with a number of unsolved difficulties. It has reached this press that despite

Any Sierra Leonean who is not well abreast with the functions of government will start wondering who is actually responsible for the cleaning of the city, because those