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The atmosphere was cacophonous and the minds of the people were injected with anxiety and a state of panic which the ruling SLPP administration trivialised through amateur propaganda! The

WHY AND HOW FREETOWN WAS INVADED ON JANURARY 6 a)    The Poor Leadership Provided by SLPP The serious setbacks faced by ECOMOG troops in the countryside climaxed by the January

Nothing can be right and balanced again until justice is won - the injured party has to have justice. Do you understand that? Nothing can be right, for

Aminatta Forna was born in Glasgow, and raised in Sierra Leone and the United Kingdom.   She writes about the civil war in Sierra Leone, and her book, The

Washington, DC March 2, 2011: Not even a state of jet-lag could prevent the Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Honourable Sheka Tarawalie, from staying home as he

Mabinty Kargbo was just 15 years old when Sierra Leonean rebels cut off her hands and killed her parents in front of her during the country’s horrific 11