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Kampala, Uganda, July 26, 2012: Preamble - We, the participants of a regional meeting on community paralegals held in Kampala on July 9-11, 2012, recognize that in Africa

Sierra Leone's parliament has just enacted one of the most progressive legal aid laws in Africa—with an innovative approach to providing access to justice for all that will

Legal access through Women Yearning for Equality, Rights and Social Justice has held a three day training session for paralegals at their Percival Street office in Freetown. Speaking to

Freetown, Sierra Leone, August 23, 2010—The number of paralegals providing free basic justice services in Sierra Leone will more than double next month, as donors join with non-governmental

Introduction: More than half of the world’s population are not satisfactorily protected by law or the institutions established to govern them. The poor are in a particularly helpless

A few among the many lawyers I have had the opportunity to discuss the subject of ‘paralegals’ with initially seemed to have deep suspicion of paralegals and their