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There was heavy downpour in Makeni last Sunday after the Leader and Chairman; His Excellency President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma had pronounced Dr. Samura Kamara as the winner

Can the use of basic technology such as television, radio, and possibly internet access, be a useful tool in educating particularly Sierra Leonean children during this Ebola crisis? What

I will continue to be an advocate for  a better Sierra Leone where everyone enjoys the wealth of our nation. I will continue to introduce the psychological and

Compassion has always been associated with the doctrines of religious principles, but we forget that it is primarily a driving force in serving mankind. To those who see

The Sierra Leone Petroleum Refining Company was opened in 1970 as a joint business venture between the government of Sierra Leone and other major international oil companies like

To begin a case study about the history of debt accumulation in Sierra Leone, I candidly needed to build some convincing arguments against our growing fascination with international

Today, from the beautiful mountains of Kabala to the Eastern diamond fields of Kono district, the people of Sierra Leone have never faltered in their faith of unity

As we prepare to celebrate our 50th anniversary, let us look back to our glory days and believe that we can shape a better future for the next

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Presidential aspirant, Mohamed C. Bah, on April 1, 2011 attended a one day conference on rebuilding Sierra Leone - changing institutions and culture