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Having made history by becoming the first ex- footballer in the world to become president of his country, Liberia’s president elect, George Weah, will have his presidential reign

LONDON, UK (GlobalData), 9 October 2014 - Liberia’s current invitation-only bidding round has ignited interest among international oil companies, due to the country’s considerable hydrocarbon potential and favorable

Wednesday 23rd July 2014 marked another milestone in Sierra Leone’s energy sector as the new Minister of energy – Amb. Henry O. Macauley formally launched the much needed

High Commissioner Ian Hughes blogs about the conflict in Cote d’Ivoire, the ensuing humanitarian crisis and implications for the sub-region. HC Ian Hughes asks whether more should have

The impact of the fall of Ghaddafi, should it happen, could be equivalent to the impact of the fall of the Soviet Union to Sub-Sahara Africa.  (Photo:  Col.

Expelled Liberian President Charles Taylor (in photo) ushered his political career from war lord and diamond’s best friend. Arbitrary rule and economic collapse in the 80's culminated in

The recent seizure of more than two tonnes of cocaine, worth an estimated $1bn (about £675m) in The Gambia has once again shone a light on West Africa