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With their 2-0 defeat of West Ham at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday, Manchester City confirmed their second Premiership title in three seasons, as they finished two points

Following on from last weekend’s derby defeat to Arsenal – which I covered with a live blog here – Tottenham’s season effectively ended on Thursday night when they

Once again last weekend, the three top teams in the Premiership all won their fixtures to maintain the two point differential covering them and all of them won

On the plus side, AVB will have some time off over Christmas… On Sunday, Tottenham capitulated for the second time in five Premier League matches to be on the

In the pantheon of great goals, Arsenal already have a couple of entries – most notably a sublime effort by Dennis Bergkamp against Newcastle in 2002, when the Dutchman flicked

When you support a club side, the international break can often seem like a two-week malaise when you are merely waiting for the fixtures between nations to be

Last weekend in the Premiership, although both Manchester clubs suffered defeats in games they were expected to win, it was the red half of town that should feel

I’ll take “Things I won’t miss about Bale” for £85.3m please Alex In his book “Anarchy, State and Utopia”, Brooklyn born political philosopher, Robert Nozick used a thought experiment called

Prior to last weekend’s North-London derby, Tottenham fans expected the game to go one of three ways: either Spurs would dominate the match and overcome their bitter rivals;