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After 60 years of existence as an “independent state”, the progress report of Sierra Leone is anything but satisfactory. The country is bottom of the pack, ranking 182

In a recently, hastily but belated arranged summit drawn up by the African Union(AU) and European Union (EU) in Cote Ivoire, an evacuation plan was devised to evacuate

Fellow citizens, today, once again, we celebrate the great event marking the decision of those before us to take charge of our destiny; to make our own laws,

It was on 27th April 1961 when Sierra Leone finally became an independent state after more than 100 years of Colonial Rule.  (Photo: Elkass Sannoh, author) Indeed independence was achieved

Ghana obtained her independence from Britain 60 years ago today, 6th March 1957! Sierra Leone obtained hers 4 years later in 1961 but Sierra Leone has not grown! She

After decades of slavery which later metamorphosed into colonial rule, the pronouncement of independence to African states brought joy and happiness to Africans and some non-Africans who were

On 27th April, 2013 Sierra Leone will celebrate her 52nd Independence Anniversary amid long petrol queues, water shortage, epileptic electricity, inflated prices, endemic corruption, chronic poverty, salary crisis,

The Pan African Ahmadiyya Muslim Association (PAAMA) will on Saturday 26 November mark the 50th anniversaries of independence of Tanzania, Cameroon and Sierra Leone at an event in

Most Sierra Leoneans are yet to discern the new slogan attached to this country’s golden jubilee, marking her 50th independence anniversary. It is simply thus: ‘Celebrating a New