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I was delighted when Tony Reilly asked me to write a few words on the occasion of the British Council's 75th Anniversary in Sierra Leone. I have had a

A research has proved that the indiscriminate dumping of plastic waste is the major cause of flooding among people living in slum communities especially in the height of

Disturbing reports coming from Freetown with horrifying images say over 300 people have perished in floods and landslides following more than just 5 hours of rain that started

Freetown, June 2 (SLENA) - Parliament last week ratified the purchase of 12 megawatt power purchase for electrification of Freetown between the government of Sierra Leone and CEC

Freetown could be one of the most beautiful cities in the world if the present situation it found itself was not ignored by negligence and bad habits of

We have observed, albeit disgustingly, that politicians always ride on the gullibility of the people to score a mark. In other words, they most often play on their

Children the world all over are regarded as an indispensable asset to the development of any nation. However, in Sierra Leone today, the vulnerability and the neglected state

It could be recalled that since the ascendancy of his Lordship, Herbert George Williams in 2008 as Mayor of Freetown, he has undertaken a series of operations to

Sierra Leone has launched an initiative to enlist youths as crime-fighting volunteers in Freetown.  The moved is intended to help the city's police force Police chief Chris Charley said the