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There is a public hue and cry over the high cost of living characterized by ever increasing prices in basic commodities and other essential goods. A bag of parboil

The price of basic commodities has rocketed beyond the pockets of late as if it is a tradition that hardship should be commonplace when the month of fasting

I still would not stop laughing since I first heard about this SLPP slogan. The reason being that in a country where the recent “2012 US Embassy Sierra Leone

Christmas is over and we are now middle of January and as usual, families are going through tough times now after spending some extras to celebrate the holidays.

Some sections of the media have hinted the planned protest of the citizenry over the difficulty they encounter in moving from one destination to another, mainly in the

The world at large is becoming unsustainable and it means its inhabitants should brace up for unprecedented events. In the USA, we drink from the Potomac River, despite

Indeed, people are not so happy with the current state of affairs in the country. The ordinary Sierra Leonean is finding it difficult to survive these days. A