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The terrible aftermath of the mudslides in Sierra Leone, which have left more than 3000 people homeless, grimly illustrates the human cost of the government’s failure to implement

A Civil Society Organization - Human Rights Defenders Network (HRDN) on Thursday 4th August concluded a two-day multi-stakeholders national dialogue aimed at fostering cooperation for an effective implementation

African states have shown increasing readiness to engage the UN Human Rights Council in responding to human rights developments in Africa requiring the attention of the broader international

The reported death of Colonel Mu'ammar al-Gaddafi would bring to a close a chapter of Libya's history marked by repression and abuse but does not end the story,

Colonel M’uammar al-Gaddafi and other senior Libyan government figures must be arrested and handed over to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to face trial for alleged serious human

Hundreds of bodies found in a mass grave in Zimbabwe may never be identified unless professional forensic experts carry out the exhumations, Amnesty International warned today. Bodies recently discovered

Saturday's Security Council referral of Libya to the International Criminal Court marks a historic moment in accountability for crimes under international law, Amnesty International said today. The Security Council's

Amnesty International has urged the US authorities to alleviate the harsh pre-trial detention conditions of Bradley Manning (in photo), the soldier accused of leaking information to Wikileaks. The US

A leaked diplomatic cable has corroborated images released earlier this year by Amnesty International showing that the US military carried out a missile strike in south Yemen in