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Mister Idiot: Who polices the police?

Mister Idiot: Who polices the police?

The most celebrated and senseless idiot has been contemplating over the issue of who is responsible of policing the police.  When an institution such as the senseless one we have policing people recklessly without being policed by any other institution, it is obvious for the flourishing nonsense policing doing the round.

The president of the idiotic community wants the activities of the police department being checkmate. Idiotic as it sounds though, this decision is considered by many idiots as the wisest aforethought.  The idiot and his brothers are weary of the speculative, calculative, and professional neglect by the police in using their firearms unwisely on innocent and defenceless civilians.

The 2007 shootout in Kono over the saga between Kono people and Koidu Holdings, the Shears Moses Commission Inquiry pointing fingers to two senior police officers attached to the Presidency, under the command of a senior violent state man orchestrating a shootout against the defenceless people in Kono, and the recent violent spate of a shootout against African Minerals Workers in protest over improving conditions of service, clearly throw the shadows of dust of what many, including the idiot, have been questioning, these mishaps and many more sagas should not be viewed as part of a common mistake but rather a  clear show of the  demystified unprofessional conduct of the one charged with the responsibility of securing the idiot and his brother’s internal security.

The half size brain of the idiot is quite heavier and proactive than the entire police wit and calibre put together ahahah! Don’t mind me, I am only an idiot (President of the idiotic society) I am bound to say stupid things, but the idiot also wants his readable public to know that he has been a victim of police reckless and senseless brutality of half baked trained police officers, so it is no news to the idiot when his colleague idiots called him to celebrate their view to be aired, heard, and shared with the general public.               

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