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Last week the UN Security Council declared the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa "a threat to international peace and security". As the world body met to discuss

As the botched execution of United States citizen, Clayton Lockett reignites the global debate on the application of the death penalty, Sierra Leone’s Attorney General and Minster of

Introduction - After more than 20 years in existence, the 1991 constitution of Sierra Leone is in the process of being reviewed. Coming into force the same year

Newspaper reports that a high court judge ordered bench warrants for 93 absentee jurors focused my attention once more on the issue of criminal justice reform in the

The past four years have seen a significant influx of investors into Sierra Leone.  No doubt encouraged by the aggressive marketing campaign by the government to showcase the

Local newspapers have reported that scores of households will be affected by the construction of Sierra Leone’s new airport at Mamamah in the north of the country.  This

Introduction The latest high profile corruption scandal which dominated the media for weeks is now playing out at the Freetown High Court.  A total of 29 officials, the vast

Introduction Several milestones were achieved in 2012. Chief among these were multi-tiered elections judged by many as being largely free and fair. On the legislative front, the country notched

Introduction There was unease in the air. The account of a chief who imposed a fine of Le 800,000 ($186) on a petty trader and then locked her