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After his last album, ‘na di sorriest part’ that knocked heads, turned dancehalls into a frenzy, got boys and girls to desire for a microphone and often used

July 5th was LAJ’s birthday, the young Sierra Leonean rapper who came to the spotlight for his hit single ‘Money Nar Bank’ Remix which features Kao Denero, Diamond

Fans have been busy voting for Diamond SAJ on his nominations for the 2010 SLMTV Award Show.  Receiving nominations for the upcoming Award Show, for Best Single – “Yu

Sierra Leone's Diamond SAJ, formerly known as Daddy SAJ has stormed the airwaves in the USA with his  latest crossover hit single 'All Eyes On You' (Afro-HIPHOP) which is definitely

Diamond SAJ's (aka Daddy SAJ) new single is storming the airwaves, newspapers, radio stations, television, night clubs, and all electronic media!  Sierra Express Media's website was bombarded with fans eager to

Diamond SAJ, aka Daddy SAJ, Sierra Leone’s most popular musical icon, social and political critic, continues to make waves even though he has not been in the spot

The video below is a flashback on Diamond SAJ, aka Daddy SAJ, the original corruption crusader