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The issue of women empowerment is not just a matter of increasing women representation in decision-making processes and educating women as the case may be. In Africa, with no

New York, 8 March 2018 - We are at a pivotal moment for women’s rights. The historical and structural inequalities that have allowed oppression and discrimination to flourish

L.A.W.Y.E.R.S’ 20 years of Serving Society by Protecting Women and Girls Through the Law On a traditionally romantic day on 14th February, 1997, when most successful women were

Introduction :  As a daughter she is usually not permitted to manage or inherit family land. The family expects her to move into her husband’s family land after

Women all over the World, but particularly in Africa, have been marginalized by men because they were considered as kitchen utensils and child bearers. In Europe and America,

Sisters of Somalia is now available to watch on YouTube after screening on Monday, 1 July 2013 on Witness, Al Jazeera's flagship documentary strand. Asha Hagi Elmi is a humanitarian

A community based organization that is fighting to empower women, and vulnerable women and young girls. known as Alternative Approaches for Women’s Empowerment (AAWE) ended a stakeholders meeting 

The best judge of whether or not a country is going to develop is how it treats its women

There have been a number of articles on the above topic with seemingly increasing frequency.  I have, in the past, added my voice and support to the cause