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The eleven years civil strife left a shadow that is tied to impunity with the highest degree in Sierra Leone. August 2000 saw the United Nations Security Council passing

Once again the trial of Charles Taylor has reminded us the scale of savagery and brutality unleashed on innocent people. Witness after witness, we heard their stories. In

A United Nations backed Special Court for Sierra Leone in The Hague has found former Liberian leader Charles Taylor guilty of aiding and abetting war crimes during the

08 March 2012 – The Craig Bellamy Foundation will on Thursday 8th March re-launch its girls football league across Sierra Leone in West Africa, giving over 200 young

Armed robbers buy weapons from police The collaboration between the military and armed robbers has been further confirmed with the recent report that soldiers are the main conduits for

The Commissioner of the National Commission for Social Action (NACSA), Kontoh Sesay, has disclosed to Sierra Express Media that his Commission on Tuesday 22nd September will be given