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We are concerned and worried about the rising tide of economic hardship in the country with soaring prices of basic commodities by the day. While the price of petroleum

Globally 621 million young people aged 15-24 years old are not in education, employment or training, 75 million young people are trained but have no job. In the

It has been a disaster in Sierra Leone for job seeking especially with young people who have spent years in primary, secondary and Tertiary institutions with millions of

Ethiopia has been hosting refugees from neighbouring African countries since the 1990s but it has now replaced Kenya as the biggest host. The country seems to be an

As bankers, business leaders and politicians descend on Davos to ponder the future of the world economy, one issue should be top of mind – the world economy

Let’s be blunt about it - The manner of our search for foreign succour is like a randy 70 year-old roaming all over town and inviting a nymphomaniac

It is an open secret that Sierra Leone is suffering from mass unemployment, of especially youths. Many young graduates keep parading the corridors of offices brandishing their degrees

His Excellency the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma has pronounced his commitment to provide job opportunities for youths. This commitment stood prominently in

Governance experts have warned that the growing unemployment rate among Sierra Leonean youths is likely to become a serious national security threat. They have advised that the menace should