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Tribewanted, the groundbreaking eco-tourism off-grid company which featured in a five-part BBC documentary for its previous project on an idyllic Fijian island, is launching a new partnership project

An official meeting was held Monday 19th March at Hamilton Community Centre, called by the Honorable MP Dauda JB Kallon on behalf of the Government of Sierra Leone

Chief Hassan Marrah of John Obey community,  situated in the Western Area peninsular, has assured his people that Tribewanted, a non-profit making Eco-tourism based organization, has big plans

Permaculture, for those who this concept is new, is an agro-ecological design theory, its roots can be dug till 1911, when Franklin Hiram King gathered the term permanent agriculture in

An innovative social experience that will see tribe members visit John Obey Beach in Sierra Leone to help build a sustainable, eco-friendly community has decided to offer a