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Lessons from the Malen/Socfin Land Dispute in Sierra Leone Background The website of Socfin Agriculture Company Ltd (SAC) paints a picture of turbulence. A series of posts stretching as

for the common good - not a scorched earth approach Sierra Leone makes history again- of the right type this time. The country has engineered a second turn-over of

Some six months after cabinet approved the national land policy, there are fears that its ground-breaking provisions may not see the light of day, soon or at all.

Last week the UN Security Council declared the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa "a threat to international peace and security". As the world body met to discuss

Over forty Civil Society Organizations have benefitted from a one day training organized on Wednesday 16th October 2013 at Serra Leone Library Board Headquarters in Makeni by the

Freetown 25 Sept 2012: A Magistrate’s court in Sierra Leone today dismissed a criminal charge of ‘knowingly seeking and obtaining registration more than once’ levelled against a hearing