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On 21 June 2013 I reviewed some Children's Books written by Sierra Leonean Authors that had been sponsored by PEN SL managed by Mohamed Sheriff.  I became excited

During the civil war in Sierra Leone from 1991 to 2002, the population became sensitized to regular helicopter activity over Freetown and elsewhere, by the visiting forces. The

Today [21st May] the winners of the 2011 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize were announced in Sydney in an exciting climax to this year's final programme. Critically acclaimed

Set in Sierra Leone, West Africa, A Tale of Three Women is epic in scope, covering a span of about sixty years and touching upon the most important

New edition to Makonabooks,  Folk Tales From Sierra Leone by Michael Fayia Kallon - The Kissi are natives found in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and French-Guinea on the west coast

Aminatta Forna was born in Glasgow, and raised in Sierra Leone and the United Kingdom.   She writes about the civil war in Sierra Leone, and her book, The