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My right to vote symbolizes the sacred-Cow. As this whispering intuition blooms wisdom I abhor carved tribalism added into package Seem sheepish to graze on a bare emotion Sound reasoning goads the

She gave me my primal breath and key to life And anointed me in dainty alabaster ointment,  Ancestral fibrous roots fused nature in nurture. I quest for that refreshing Atlantic sea

Voice of Silence   The world’s rushing racing and falling Vicious clamor for wealth like power The helpless falling no time for caring Poverty is crime or wealth mere vanity? Kids shirked as crime

Dr. Mandy Garber is a Sierra Leonean psychiatrist living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She spent the month of April volunteering at the Kissy Psychiatric Hospital, and her experience was

Mensa Press announces the release of 3 brand new anthologies listed below. The press is Africentric, attempting to provide a necessary platform for the often overshadowed, authentic African

Azure sky romanced the soothing Atlantic sea breeze whispering and distilling through dancing palm and baobab trees. Granma Henrietta relaxed on an antique mahogany stool, knitting the names

Sierra Leone’s indigenous music is embedded in a cocoon of mystic obscurity, deserving music lovers and scholars’ unquenchable thirst for refreshing anthropological inquisition. Probably, this might seem a novelty

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation: www2.xlibris.comAuthor: Marcella Camara-MacauleyISBN: 1-4363-8789-2 (soft cover) / ISBN: 1-4363-8790-6 (hard cover)Date published: December 31, 2008 Marcella Camara-Macauley was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa. At

Fusion of Tabule, Balangi and Milo Jazz music regenerates accord during Awojoh feast. I muse at crossroads: A communion of ancestral Spirits, sharing assorted kola nuts, drinking palm wine from sacred gourd