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Within the last few days, rumours were being circulated that the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is going to delete over 7,000 Teachers from government pay vouchers

Anytime there is a delay in payment of Teachers’ Salaries, the public raises eye brows at the Ministry of Education and blames the government for not doing enough

Within the last several years, the decline in our standard of education has been blamed, exclusively, on the Ministry of Education because this is the government entity that

The Ministry of Education has, on numerous occasions, come under attack from members of the public; particularly Teachers and Lecturers and sometimes students; all of whom are directly

This is the second time we are saying it in this column: that is, the proposed increase in school fees for school going pupils in secondary schools in

According to reports in China, the Minister of Education Dr Minkailu Bah (in photo) has refused to harmonize all students in China for them to benefit from government

It has been told to this press that students of the Milton Margai School for the Blind are unhappy over government’s lack of consideration for blind students. Facts

As part of its support to development programmes in the country, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport under

Following the release of the Education Report titled “From the Abyss Back to the Athens of West Africa” in September 2009, the Anti-Corruption Commission will be undertaking monitoring