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Mercy Ships Founders Weekend in Arizona, in April 2019, the unveiled Chief Alhaji Samsumana as the African Face 2019. Sierra Leone like several countries in Sub Sahara Africa (SSA)

For a decade, civil war ripped the West African country of Sierra Leone apart, ravaging the people and infrastructure of the country.   (Photo by Christopher R. Vinn, Tyler

EVANSTON, Ill. (Oct. 5, 2011) — A new strategic partnership between Rotary International (http://www.rotary.org) and the global charity Mercy Ships (http://www.mercyships.org) will improve the delivery of vital health

Kaye Farinella, RN, Olathe, Kan., spent eight weeks aboard a Mercy Ship, a floating hospital, in Sierra Leone, West Africa, this spring. Mercy Ships provide surgeries for people

Preparations are currently being finalized for a humanitarian hospital ship, AFRICA MERCY, to visit Sierra Leone according to reports from the Embassy of Sierra Leone in Washington. The