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Now that many of President Koroma’s most trusted ministers and heads of parastatals continue to disappoint him, who else will the president trust? Who else is honest enough

On the 14th of December 2012, President Ernest Koroma delivered a statement at the House of Parliament on the occasion of the state opening of the first session

The general public is hereby informed that in order to ensure continuity in governance and a smooth transition between the old administration and the new one ushered in

In 2009, after my first assignment as a Legal and Policy Adviser in Sierra Leone, I wrote an open letter to our President of our beloved Sierra Leone.

Take a moment to think about this: In 2010 alone, the Sierra Leone Government disbursed over Le75 billion in “direct fiscal transfer” to local councils across the country.

The civil conflict in Sierra Leone ended in 2009, and we pray that although disagreements are bound to continue, these would not necessarily turn into acts of war.