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Accra, Ghana – 34 civil society practitioners from civil society organisations (CSOs) and a government institution have benefitted from a 3 – day training on Results-Based Monitoring and

Accra, Ghana –Resource mobilisation stands as a major challenge that prevents civil society organisations (CSOs) and other voluntary institutions working to enhance development in West Africa from achieving

Accra, Ghana – Development partners have agreed on the need to support capacity development for civil society organisations (CSOs) in West Africa to enhance their performance. Over 60

Accra, Ghana – Ghana has over 4920 registered civil society organisations (CSOs) and about 1500 of these work actively in all ten (10) regions to address social, economic

Accra, Ghana – 26 civil society organisations (CSOs) in Sierra Leone were groomed on the best strategies to adopt in policy advocacy processes. Adding to these, three organisations