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16-year old young man, Junior Idrissa Conteh "Atomic Pen" 14th June 2017 received his official badge from Harvard University to attend this year's Congress of Future Scientists and

I am reproducing this piece in an attempt to remind us all about some issues that came up in the press some months back. However, I am doing

I am challenged to make a response to Diaspora-based Sierra Leonean, who has taken me on; after my comments in this Column on what had been written earlier

A Sierra Leonean, living in Sudan (?), by the name of Idrissa Conteh, aka Atomic Pen has attempted to state some areas where, in his opinion, the APC

His name is Idris Conteh (Atomic Pen); he was until his departure for greener pastures a newspaper editor or columnist or both. He has an international job and