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It has been exactly 50 years ago, on April 27th, 1961, when our nation was born and the green, white and blue flag was unveiled for the first

Hip, Hip, Hip, Hurray! Sierra Leone as a nation is 50 years old today. I wasn’t around when Sierra Leone got her independence from Great Britain in April

April 18, 2011 - Mr. President, SLAJ, Members of SLAJ, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, May I firstly take this opportunity to thank you and all your members for

Now that the golden jubilee celebration of our nation is here at our doorsteps, are we ready as a nation to welcome it with open arms and open

On April 27 2011, Sierra Leone will celebrate a significant political milestone. It will be 50 years since she gained independence from British colonial mastery.  The last 50

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary of self rule, we must first thank the Almighty for his grace and glory to let us celebrate this milestone. May our

The Association of Sierra Leoneans in Georgia, USA held its first grand style and spectacular appreciation award night in College Park, Georgia, on April 2, 2011 in

This medium has been inundated with calls from a cross section of the public seeking an opinion on Sierra Leone’s 50th independence anniversary. The public want to know whether

A month from now Sierra Leone will be celebrating fifty years of self-rule. Between the period 1808 when Sierra Leone became a Crown Colony and 1960 the eve