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June 2011

World Vision Sierra Leone through its Area Development Programme in Lei commemorated The Day of the African Child in the Lei chiefdom, Kono district in eastern Sierra Leone; using their Vision statement as the theme

On the 11th June 2011 US Secretary of  State,  Hillary Rodham Clinton speaking in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania warned of a creeping “new colonialism in Africa from foreign investors and governments interested only in extracting

I was filled with despair as I read Tony Blair's thoughts, and comments regarding Africa, and Sierra Leone published on Friday 17 June 2011 under a photograph of an unrelated new factory representing an original

Journalism, they said is a noble profession. But who is a Journalist? An Australian Satirist, Karl Kraus (1874-1936) referred to a Journalist as “a person without any ideas but with an ability to express them;

Freetown – Over one hundred journalists turned out today to join hundreds of other mourners at the St Martin’s church in the east of Freetown to bid a befitting farewell to their slain colleague Ibrahim

The Regeneration Of An Indigenous Culture   ATLANTA, Georgia – Geechee Gullah Culture Spokesperson Reginald H. Hall announced today the establishment of the Geechee Gullah Culture Non-Government Organization, Incorporated.  The NGO consist of an executive accountability team,

The Special Court Chief Security Officer, Saleem Vahidy, is reportedly having pressure from witnesses promised relocation after surrendering testimonies in the wells of the court’s chambers - trial chambers I &II.  It is a fact that

Reports monitored indicate that President Koroma is unhappy over the current predicament faced by the National Power Authority (NPA) in the supply of power to residents of Freetown.  It is glaring though that residents of Freetown

In a bid to transform the educational sector in the country and to also cater for the middle man power, a newly born tertiary institution, Nabserrah College of Management, Science and Technology located at Kissy

Ibrahim El-Tayyib Bah is gone; he passed away on the evening of Friday 17th June 2011 at the Choithram Hospital, Hill Station, after a prolonged illness.  His remains were laid to rest at the Goderich Village

A report of recent skirmishes among residents around the Kennedy Street area in Fourah Bay, over the construction of a church is seemingly sending wrong signals and must be nipped in the bud as best

The International Monetary Fund has warned that the risks facing the world economy have increased. The fund said it was concerned about the continuing Greek debt crisis, the arguments over US deficit plans and the need

Every time someone close to us dies, we lose a great part of our life. This is exactly how I felt when I heard the sad news that Ibrahim Tayibb Bah (in photo) had

African Minerals Ltd. (AML) Saturday paid over half a billion leones as crop compensation to over three hundred farmers whose plantations were affected by the railway project at Pepel in the Loko Masama and Kafu

Everything went loose with the land tenure system in Pepel Island, the scavenge land where African Minerals are exploring the creek for a possible transportation of iron ore deposited there ready for export. The Island has