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September 2009

Youths opting to be admitted into the Middle East Overseas employment; mostly ex-combatants stormed the Ministry of Labour and Social Security on the news that the final list has been released yesterday. Amidst much excitement

The irate decision by the Mayor of Freetown City Council, Herbert George Williams, to have sales outlets belonging to thousands of traders in Freetown in ‘Operation Sweep Clean' have not gone without leaving its ugly

There has been a lot of talk and discussion in the press and elsewhere as well, on the two ferries ordered by NASSIT which arrived some months ago and have been berthed at Government Wharf

The Systems Review Department of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has paired with the administration of the Prison Department to better organize the management system at the department in order to avoid shortfalls that may

Teachers of the United Muslim Association Secondary School (UMASS) led by senior teacher Joseph French have stated that the reopening of school will not fall through if salaries owed them is not paid in time.

Fishing activities have stopped as a search operation continues The overcrowded boat that capsized off Sierra Leone with more than 150 people on board was not carrying lifejackets, the information minister says. "The rules were violated, the

Youths with machetes, whistles, and other forms of crude weaponry at Goderich village West of Freetown, on Saturday 5th September 2009, launched a self-defense club to resist the rampant incidence of crime in their locality.

Head of the Sierra Leone Police Media Unit Assistant Inspector Ibrahim Samura has been petitioned by the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) to resign his post after the police force had falsely held Production

In what has been termed as remarkable development in the Pademba Road Maximum Prison the United Nations Integrated Office in Sierra Leone (UNIOSIL) has donated a state of the art database system to help with

Adrenalin heaved up my head as I took the first step into the Pademba Road prison, the country's maximum prison where various individuals, including politicians, civil rights activists, debtors, rebels and hardened criminals have been

The obsolete ferry which was bought by the National Social Security and Insurance Trust through what has been described by several Sierra Leoneans as a shady deal is said to have started getting rusty as

A pastor based in Freetown recently informed Sierra Express Media that spending time perpetually in the house of your neighbour, begging for bread is a habit that should be avoided. Taking this statement within the

The overcrowded state of the Pademba Road has been blamed on the slow pace at which the courts in Sierra Leone process cases. Already, the overcrowding of the maximum prison has resulted serious consequences on

A major road link in the city of Freetown - Hill Cut Road in the west of the city has recorded its worst disaster ever since when gushing streams and rolling boulders left many houses

A newly emerged Journalist Association - ‘Journalists for Attitudinal and Behavioral Change' has plotted to take over the running of affairs in the media world of Sierra Leone using the president's clarion call for the