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The APC Town Hall Meeting at the College of Staten Island, New York – What an Embarrassment!

The APC Town Hall Meeting at the College of Staten Island, New York – What an Embarrassment!

As the saying goes – “The head of an elephant is no easy load for a child”. We have seen the truth and reality of the above saying in the manner in which the so-called New North America executive of Ambassador Stevens has embarrassed the nation of Sierra Leone in their conduct of the New York Town Hall meeting. The majority of members who attended the meeting were members of the very Chapters that the Ambassador dismantled. His so-called new executive could not even get their Chapter members from New York and Washington to attend the town hall meeting. This is an insult to the president of our nation and his entourage. Even the banner carried the following words in bold print “Sierra Leoneans Welcomes the President…..” How embarrassing! What happens to the rule of Concurrence in Grammar, which teaches Subject – Verb agreement? Thanks to my teachers in 5th grade.  (Photo: Brima M. Turay)

This Ambassador is killing our enthusiasm to support the APC. Mr. Ambassador, if you are going to replace us with another team, please make sure you have people who can read and write. The Ambassador is not grateful and will never be grateful to president Koroma at all. He lied when he said he got his directives from authorities in Freetown to dissolve the North America branch. He decided to surround himself with people who have no clue about community organizing and certainly no idea about how to bring people together. These folks are nothing but mere hijackers who cannot be trusted for a second. For those who still believe that the Ambassador has the right to dissolve the North America branch, I would say – so much for your understanding of grass root politics! Mr. Ambassador, this is an example of the grass root job that the legitimate North America branch was doing for the APC. We did not ask for anything from the APC. All we wanted was respect and mere recognition of the good job that our fine men and women volunteer to do everyday for this political party.

The other political parties such as the SLPP and PMDC would have grabbed and embraced this opportunity as a blessing if they had it. Why would the Ambassador think that volunteer job is something that he can get cheaply from anybody? He does not have a clue about what it takes to bring people together and therefore does not know how to respect those who give their free time and energy to the APC. Mr. Ambassador, your boss, the president of Sierra Leone, understands that politics is “A Game of numbers” and he therefore respects his constituents. The least you can do for a man who removes you from grass to grace is to support his political agenda. It takes mere common sense to understand these basic facts but as I come to think about it, common sense is not always common-to-common people!

We, as a branch, are going to remain strong and formidable. We represent everything that the APC stands for and we are going to make sure we do not allow opportunists like you and your team to drag us to the gallows. We have a job to do for our beloved country and our political party and we are going to do it with resilience and tenacity! This fight is never going to be about Chairman Osman Conteh or Ambassador Stevens but for the good people of Sierra Leone who deserve better than the pettiness to which our Ambassador has reduced himself and our honorable embassy in the United States. The APC party is bigger than one Ambassador and his cohorts. Where are the projects and investors for Sierra Leone Mr. Ambassador? How is it that you could not even trust one of your cohorts to moderate the town hall meeting and wanted to use Aziz Turay of Arizona to do it for you?

Even if we assume that the president did tell you to dissolve the North America branch, we would have hoped that you would use your good judgment to tell the president that this would not be good for our politics. Even the opposition SLPP sees your actions against the North America branch as totally disconcerting and ridiculous! How can you ever operate as a North America branch when you know very well that we have all the legal documents in our possession and we command nine Chapters out of twelve? We know you do not represent the best interest of our struggling nation, but as Ola Rotimi would say in his novel – “The Gods are not to blame”, – “All lizards lie prostrate so no one can tell which one is suffering from belly ache. With time, the one that is suffering will lie flat on its back. Then that which had not been known would be made known”. Time will tell which side you are operating Ambassador Stevens; and when that time comes, you will lie flat on your back like a dead lizard! If you do not respect us as your constituents, I don’t see why we should respect you! One good turn deserves another and the converse is always true!

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