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State Education is at Bay

State Education is at Bay

Certainly, one of the main essences of education is to effect positive changes that are to be emulated and worth transmitting from one generation to another. The main motive behind educating people is for them to initiate changes that would make them indispensable in every society they happen to find themselves. Surely, if that change for which education is geared toward is not reflected in the behaviour and attitudes toward one another; the educational process should be aborted. Because, the very continuance of that learning process will impact negatively on the lives of its intended clientele, I mean, the learners.

However, such an insinuation is not far from the indecent and crude behaviour of Fourah Bay College students in the last week Friday, 28th March, 2010.

What an utter disgrace from people who should spear head the role model campaign in Sierra Leone. The recent violence demonstrated students from both the so-called White and Black camps is complete misnomer and misrepresentation of what students’ unionism stands for.

Dark clouds hover over the future of Sierra Leone, when the expected role-models and leaders of today perpetrated violence in an election which is channeled towards manifesting the scholarly mettle of University students. Recently, when violence marred the face many past students that once noble institution and well meaning parents and the likes would certainly have been struck-dumb by the arrant behaviour of students. Some people who are uneducated have stopped at nothing but to describe and brand the University as a jungle.

Sadly, the obnoxious description did not last there, but to refer to students as bunch of hooligans who in future if given the opportunity to take part in politics would let loose mayhem and paint a gloomy picture of this country.

The most heart-rending thing about this violence-oriented students’ Union election is the conspicuous fact that candidates of the two main popular camps happen to be Faculty members of the Peace and Conflict Department. Imagine, such an irony in the educational system of Sierra Leone; an outrageous situation wherein students who are supposed to advocate for peace but to educate the layman about the tranquility enjoyed in peace have degenerated into nothing but zombies.

I refer to them as zombies because that is exactly what they have displayed to the world. The lynching of their colleague students all in the name of ‘campism’ is unfortunate and uncalled for. If students who pursue a course in peace and conflict studies cannot administer peace among themselves, what would anticipate to have come from those down at Bay?

‘Bay’ in Sierra Leone is a slum settlement believed to be occupied by recalcitrant and poor people. But on the contrary, today at Fourah Bay College the behaviour of students can be ascribed to a mere Bay performance.

If one’s conscience cannot reprimand him or her from doing the wrong thing, then the preferable solution to his very existence is death. As mentioned earlier on that the significance of education is to ignite constant changes, if that is not forthcoming, the education we all crave for would seen as a futile effort. FBC students to tell you what; you ought to know better!

Our education is at ‘Bay’ for the very fact that if Sierra Leone is to emerge from the dungeon of darkness, the catalyst to transform that dream into concrete reality is expected to have been spearheaded by students. Ironically, lecturers and students alike have shown keen interest in protecting and protecting their egoistic political agenda which some seek through victimization, while others achieve it through violence and chaotic means.

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