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SLADEA Educate Public

SLADEA Educate Public

Sierra Leone Adult Education Association (SLADEA), a nongovernmental organization operating in Sierra Leone for many years has released a brand new educative film.

This organization who’s focus is mainly on civil activism is owned and controlled by civil society activists with their main focus in Empowering Adult Education.

This film talks about the issues of marginalization cannot be overemphasized enough. A lot of people face discrimination in many forms that do not only rob them of their dreams but also stain the common decency of mankind and the rights that everyone should enjoy.

During the project ALL ON BOARD young filmmakers from GHANA, Liberia, and Sierra Leone were given both in-depth skills in film making and deeper insights in the media role in society. As a result, six short films were produced that that offer a front seat to the lives of people on the margins of society. These documentaries and feature films have but one goal; to challenge its audience – however big or small, affluent or regular-to stand up against discrimination and offer unbridled support to society’s marginalized.

According to the executive secretary of SLADEA  Mr. Bamikeh Williams (in photo), in a brief interview with this medium said that they are now using the film industry to do more in the area of education.

He maintain that they are not just going in the classroom to do teaching, public sensitization, or even music but they want to use the film to showcase through film action.

Mr. Williams also maintain that with the film industry in place will help further to educate our people. Also said that the film industry will be use to sensitize and help to prevent crime, in the country that SLADEA is not only now as NGO supporting Adult Education now, they are using this film industry system, and other ways to support education in Sierra Leone and West Africa as whole.

One of their recently channel through in support to education is the film making, recently with support from SLADEA with another organizations like Y.M.C.A in Ghana, NAEAL in Liberia. Exchange perspective in Germany weltfime.org and brot fur die welt for a training in Ghana they have released film which is acted in the republic of Ghana.

This film that has been released by SLADEA on education talks, talks on Accra flowers show casing an inmate portrait of the hidden world, showing a girl as an example being a young immigrant sex worker named Bridget in dream city in need on the street became within the street of Ghana as pediatric nurse and having the need to support her family. Other things that the film explain, is things like the issue of tribal zone, the issue of up in Alms, xoese, and the issue of – Ability showing case of a physically challenge persons called Paul and George trying to be part of society, The film also is showing a parent who balance to take care of two kids and a disable mother while trying to make her future come true.

Now SLADEA introduced film training which their focusing on educating people using the film industry they have now released a film call ALL ON BOARD that is acted in Ghana by Sierra Leoneans, Ghanaians, and Liberians showcasing the causing for a peaceful society.

The executive secretary Mr. Williams call on Sierra Leoneans and other international body with government also to support them, so that they will be partner with government and other organization to push education in the country.

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