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Will SLPP Cry Foul Again?

Will SLPP Cry Foul Again?

In Sierra Leone, two general elections have been contested in ten years, a situation that is not good for our budding democracy. In 2007, the SLPP cried foul that the elections were massively rigged due to the blanket cancellation of the Kailahun “Court Barray” votes.

In 2012, the same SLPP again cried foul that the pools were rigged all over the place, so we are having the justifiable fear that history may repeat itself in 2018 elections.

But we hope the Government of Sierra Leone and its national and international partners both will put measures in place to prevent another foul cry from the SLPP.

This press does not need to remind government that we are having a fragile peace after a decade-long rebel carnage that almost damaged this country beyond repairs. We are still trying to recover from the devastating effect of the war, so, any government in power must tread cautiously to avoid any situation that bears the propensity to send us back to another round of violence especially when it comes to elections which are always very sensitive.

Whether the rigging allegations raised by SKLPP in 2007 and 2012 were true or not is left with the court to deceide but we no longer want such a situation to repeat in 2018 as we are with the strong conviction that it will not be in the best interest of national peace and security.

We are of the opinion that it is highly risky for a main political party having a large following to be always crying foul and raising allegations of rigging, apart from the risk involved, such a situation bears the potential to taint our democracy and reduce our integrity and credibility in the eyes of the wider world.

We must not be oblivious of the fact that this country has set an international democratic record by braving bullets and bombs to ensure the reinstatement of democracy, hence we must protect and give credibility to that democracy for which we fought so hard and for which we lost many of our compatriots.

We do not believe in the misleading idea that African politics is a dirty game full of dirty tricks with players trying to outdo one another by foul means. The world is becoming too civilized for such manner of politics.

This medium firmly holds that politics and elections are supposed to be decent games that should be played with maximum integrity and credibility as they border on the lives and future of millions and millions of people.

It is our view that if a government or party works well and endears itself to the people, there will be no need for such a government to engage in dishonest activities when it comes to elections.

In conclusion we are calling on government and all other national and international institution that will be conducting the 2018 to do everything possible to prevent any foul cry from not only SLPP but any other political party.

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