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Salone’s Ambassador to Brussels under scrutiny

Salone’s Ambassador to Brussels under scrutiny

Corruption is allegedly weaving its demonic plague within the Sierra Leone Embassy in Brussels.  The following letter was sent to Sierra Express Media (and other news outlets) in demonstration of the alleged activities of the present Ambassador, Dr. Christian Sheka Kargbo.

In light of the fact that the Embassy is a representation of its country and the people of Sierra Leone, it is imperative that this matter is investigated by the correct authorities and justice is served. At a time when President Koroma is striving to put Sierra Leone on its feet through his Agenda for Change, the clamping down on corruption, and the presentation of the country as a viable investment source to the world, the alleged activities of this privileged position require scrutiny. 

Dear Editors:

I am a Sierra Leonean working at the Sierra Leone Embassy in Brussels as a local staff. I have been working here for the past decade and have seen a total of five Ambassadors come and go. However, the behaviour of our current Ambassador, Dr. Christian Sheka Kargbo is to say the least, undiplomatic, unprofessional and has almost succeeded in painting an ugly picture of our country to the rest of the world. This is why I have decided to write you this letter so as to bring it to the knowledge of the government for the necessary action.

Domestic staff

It might interest you to know that Dr. Kargbo came along with three domestic staff, namely Sorie Kagbo and Momoh Kargbo (butlers) and Robert Bangura (Driver). He also came with two adopted small children who I’m sure are both below six years named, Christian Jr. and Rose. The other two ladies, Linda and Margaret Kargbo he brought as daughters. Each of these two ladies is over 30 years. His legally married wife, Mrs Rosemary Kargbo completes the Ambassador’s delegation that arrived from Freetown on 12th April 2008 to take up duties in Brussels.

The Sierra Leone government is paying the salaries of the domestic staff. But in August last year, all three of the domestic staff, Momoh, Sorie and Robert abandoned their duties and went and reported themselves to the Belgium government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs complaining the Ambassador of maltreatment and non-payment of salaries. I know for sure that the government has been regularly sending the salaries of all workers in record time. The official salary of each domestic staff is 2,000 Euros (Two thousand Euros) but the Ambassador was only paying them 700 Euros and banning them not to ever use a mobile phone or the house phone to communicate anywhere.

Mr. Editor, since August last year when these domestic staff ran away and reported themselves to the Belgian authorities, the Belgian government had since sent them to the Belgian Social Services division where they’ve been since. This issue has been kept away from the authorities in Freetown and the salaries of these domestic staff kept coming and shared among the Ambassador, Head of Chancery and the Accountant. These are facts which they cannot deny.

Daughters became wives

I mentioned to you earlier the names of Linda and Margaret he came along with as daughters. Ironically, Linda Kargbo, one of the so-called daughters gave birth to a baby boy on December 12 last year and Dr. Christian Kargbo is the only male human being in his official residence where Linda has been and she’s still staying nursing the baby alongside Mrs. Rosemary Kargbo, the legally marraide wife. Margaret, the other so-called daughter is also carrying a six month pregnancy for Ambassador Kargbo, but she is living in an area in Brussels called Etterbeek.

It is incomprehensible to imagine that an Ambassador could subject himself to such immorality in a foreign land and I understand President Koroma is aware of this development when the official wife called him to complain. This behaviour of the Ambassador has become an embarrassment to staff of the mission in Brussels as they keep provoking us in official gatherings.

Meeting with Sierra Leoneans

The normal practice by past Ambassadors is the holding of regular meetings with Sierra Leoneans in their jurisdiction to know their problems and to educate them about happenings back home. It might interest you to know that since this Ambassador arrived in this country in April 2008, he has never called a single meeting of Sierra Leoneans anywhere, either in Brussels, Holland, France or Luxembourg where our mission is accredited to. His only priority is to raise loans from the banks and buy Jeeps. I am sure the day he will be recalled, our embassy in Brussels might be closed down if we refuse to honour his bank loans.

The embassy is filthy with no repairs. I wonder what they (himself and the Head of Chancery) are doing with the Other Charges that are sent quarterly.

Yours patriotic Sierra Leonean in Brussels.

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  • Kick him out!

    24th September 2010
  • all his papers are fake my friend. do you know him more than us in belgium? he has not shown he is a fine statesman. he only served as banm governor of the junta coup plotters which is not good enough. his intention was to stael from the bank reserve and this is what he continues to do in Belgium. Is the president that weak? Did he not get a call from the ambassador”s wife? Why is he pretending as if he doesn”t know he should recall christian kargbo? shame on sierra leone

    5th May 2010
  • His Excellency Dr Christian Kargbo is one of the finest Diplomats, Africa ever produced.
    He has a distinguished carreer.Once he was Minister of Finance,then Governor of Bank of Sierra Leone, and finally Ambassador to European Union.
    Such people should be encouraged to do more for our beleagured Nation

    23rd April 2010
  • Maybe this is true because if I think about the comment he gave over the guys from Sierra Leone that were arrested in Belgium whilst on their way to Norway or so, then I think that this man is not seriouse. He should be recall back to Freetown and clean Ernest shoe. This crazy Embassador said he warned the guys in Freetown to mind their dress code as if some of us in Europe are minding our dress code.

    God save Salone.

    22nd April 2010
  • i hope this writer is not kidding with your readers, however if this true the so called ambassador have no business working for the government of sierra leone. mr. president please recall your ambassador and show him the exit doors.

    22nd April 2010

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