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Living in Another Animal Farm?

Living in Another Animal Farm?

In George Orwell’s legendary political satire, Animal Farm, the animals revolt against their master, Mr. Jones who they accuse of maltreating them and corruptly lavishing the resources of the farm. The revolting animals chase away Mr. Jones and his government of wicked, suppressive and corrupt human beings.

The animals form their own government and chose two giant pigs, Napoleon and Snowball with a smart pig called Squealer as the government Spokesman. Guess what happen next. The two pigs, Napoleon and Snowball fall apart and Napoleon expels Snowball and institutes a very undemocratic tyrannical, oppressive regime that change the whole constitution of the Animal Farm to suit his comfort and that of his PRO Squealer the dexterity of whose tongue can effortlessly transform the blackest to the whitest. Napoleon becomes far more corrupt than Mr. Jones and he loots the farm to the point of starving the animals but the smart Squealer always tells the animals that there is plentiful food on the farm.

Is the Animal Farm situation not similar to the political drama that has been unfolding in this country over the years? Are we not starving while we are always stupefied by the rhetoric, Food Sufficiency? Are we not living in a country where two political elephants have fallen apart to the point of going to the law after the expulsion of the other aggrieved elephant? Are we not experiencing more corruption than before?

If the answers to all the above questions are in the affirmative, then it goes without saying that we are living in another big Animal Farm that is the mountain of the lions.

More Money, More Ebola

It is an undeniable fact that the dreaded Ebola mass killer virus has manufactured a series of overnight millionaires who would never want to see the end of the epidemic in this country. Those netting big salaries for Ebola jobs would be insane to want to see the end of Ebola which will mean the end of their fertile jobs. Such people are, obviously, praying day and night for more Ebola cases to resurge and more Ebola patients to die so that more donor cash will fall like manna from heaven.

In fact the Commander of the Ebola High Command, Palo/Paolo/Palor Conteh, has begun expressing the fear that people are still involved in secret burials that is why the reported cases keep dwindling. But I believe if people are engaged in secret burials, the cases are supposed to be multiplying geometrically, and not supposed to dwindle as secret burials are the main and fastest means of disseminating the venomous virus. Or is it that Palo/Palor/Paolo is expecting more Ebola deaths to keep him eternally in his finger licking job?


With Joseph Milton Lebbie

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