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National Transportation Exams – Compulsory Question-70 marks

National Transportation Exams – Compulsory Question-70 marks

Give a brief definition of Balogun Koroma

Buy 100 new buses via a very big loan obtained without the approval of parliament; that is the best way to ensure maximum non-transparency and non-accountability.

Avoid disclosing the unit cost of the 100 buses, such disclosure will definitely plunge you into a fine kettle of fish.

Let your total cost be the same as the one on the Kamabainba document which you are describing as fictitious.

Old are not your buses but they have new breakdowns; that one is a natural phenomenon as even new born babies get sick and die.

Give us this day the unit cost of our 100 buses as we forgive those who procure them without parliamentary approval.

Use only the sole sourcing methodology due to the emergency situation; you are forgiven for that because we cannot pay cash for the 100 buses

Never invite any parliamentarian to be a part of your delegation to go to China for negotiating the procurement of 100 buses.

Kickback not be the main motive of purchasing the 100 buses at a skyrocketing cost.

Open not the bus package as there are a lot of terrible secrets in it; secrets that can send you behind bars.

Red must be the color of many of your buses to tell us that they were bought by the APC and they belong to the APC.

Obtain a colossal loan at 26 percent interest just to purchase 100 controversial buses.

Mind your own business!! It is none of your business if I buy hundred buses at 12m US Dollars without involving parliament and without revealing the unit cost.

All the 100 buses must be insured by the Reliance Insurance Trust Corporation, RITCORP.

With Joseph Milton Lebbie

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