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Security blunder or mokonday tactics?

Security blunder or mokonday tactics?

It is of importance to note that Presidential Guards are of paramount significance in any country because the president who is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Military Forces and other security apparatus in a country has a noble duty to protect the lives and properties of its citizenry.

Apparently, the President’s Security must be impeccable of any security threats as he stands to be the First Gentleman of the nation with enormous obligatory responsibilities attached to him.

It could be recalled when president Obama won his first term in office as president of the United States of America, in an interview with the VOA, when asked about his security, he replied that he has other better things to think about and that his security are in the hands of the Secret Service as it’s their responsibility. What President Obama was simply saying is that everybody has a role to play in governance for the development of a nation and its security must be on top of any situation.

A President’s security determines the security of the entire state so if the securities of a president were compromised or handled carelessly, it might be considered as security breach or security lapses.  The ugly incident that took place at Sackville St/Godrich St., which was the blockade of the presidential convoy by recalcitrant, insubordinate and deceitful presidential flag bearer, Mr. Maada Bio of the main opposition party, the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) did not go down well with well-meaning Sierra Leoneans.

The police, in many quarters are believed to have blundered with the security of the president by letting the opposition flag bearer to have used the secured streets the president was supposed to ply.

It is no news to the people of this country presidential convoy always carries advanced securities and traffic police officers who divert traffic elsewhere to make way for the presidential convoy to move without hindrance. In this circumstance, the police did stop the SLPP’s flag bearer trice, which he and his cohorts vehemently denied the orders of the police and forced his way through blocking the president’s convoy.

It is disheartening to record a presidential aspirant being insubordinate to the current president and the laws of the state while anticipating assumption of the same office. What would the people of this country expect from Mr. Bio if he assumes the presidency come November17, with such disrespect for authorities? Some critical thinkers might attribute situations like these to a coup-plot or something very sinister as against the president that is why all police officers attached to the president’s security must be armed securities, to protect any leader of this nation.

This is not about parties; it is about Nationalism and Patriotism for whoever governs this nation.

The presidential flag bearer of the SLPP, Mr. Julius Maada Bio is being referred to as ‘MOKONDAY’ by his supporters, which carries a literal meaning in ‘Mende’ for the catfish with the slippery body which enables the fish to escape in the hands of human beings in a slippery manner. The characters of the catfish seems synonymous to the ex-soldier, who   displayed his slipperiness during the NPRC’s period in governance. As Vice Chairman, he adopted a code of silence until the time he overthrew his Chairman in a palace-coup the former Head of State, Captain Valentine Strasser that was stage manned by Chief Security Officer (CSO) to the Head of State, Kwagoh Amara from the same tribe. If that was slippery, then that was ‘MOKONDAY’.

When democracy was ushered back to the Tejan Kabbah government, it may be recalled that after the polls gun shots were heard within the Wilberforce Village environ which hosts one of our military barracks and was that ‘MOKONDAY’?

Blocking the routes of the Presidents convoy by ‘MOKONDAY’, who possesses a very slippery character, must be considered seriously by the police and authorities, because the security of the president is of paramount importance.

As the people of this nation are expecting or anticipating a violence free elections, the police must take a serious stance in maintaining the peoples anticipation by watching their backs for any MOKANDAY’ initiative. Beware!

By Majestic Cole

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  • Una look insai dis wan without bias. Wen Kabba na bin Prezo e nor go pass usai APC day rally. E respect dem right for rally. Wetin Ernest day try for prove or do? Why make e nor fly or pass different route. Una nor blame the police or Bio. In this case, are suspect say Ernest en crew wan prove something. APC nor go day rally leh Bio force for pass through the same route. Pass dem born new Bio. So likewise are nor see reason for leh the Prezo fen reason for go pass usai SLPP day rally except for gain cheap political point or make false allegation against the opponent.

    Ernest you for don pass that now, are expect you for lead like a gentle en God fearing man. By now na u for day lead the party nor to dem for tie rope na u neck day dreg you lek goat.

    23rd October 2012

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