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Ambassador Stevens – Conspiracy theory cannot earn you back your credibility!

Ambassador Stevens – Conspiracy theory cannot earn you back your credibility!

Let it be known by worldwide supporters of the APC party that the recent acceptance of a de-facto interim APC North America executive by the president is nothing short of a conspiracy by Ambassador Stevens to win back his credibility – a credibility that he has compromised over the last few months.  Why would Bockarie Stevens organize a secret meeting with the president to present his rebel interim executive? Why did he not arrange for the seven Chapters that he dissolved to be represented in the said meeting? Why would he handpick those who should attend the meeting with the Minister of Information prior to the secret meeting with the president? The answers are very clear. The ambassador is afraid of his shadow and he is therefore using lies and tricks to keep the president and his officials from getting the true picture of how far he has gone to damage the North America branch. (Photo: Brima Turay)

I can fully understand where the president is coming from in terms of trying to protect the credibility of his Ambassador. I also appreciate the president’s call for a speedy resolution and inclusion of the chapters that Bockarie dissolved and the convening of a conference/convention thereafter. However, I would have hoped that the president had the time to listen to the other side before making what seems like a hasty decision. The president’s decision has angered many of our constituents, and that could be expected, given the time, energy and resources they have offered the APC as a political party. But we cannot go back and cry over spilt milk. One thing is certain though, that our seemingly irresistible support for the APC cannot be taken for granted because we are not, and would not let anyone make us look like, blind supporters.

These tactics and tricks by Bockarie Stevens are reminiscent of the ugly politics of his stepfather, Siaka Stevens, who would do anything and everything to neutralize any kind of opposition to his dubious activities. We thought this is supposed to be a new APC! I guess Bockarie Stevens is now trying to make this APC look like old wine in new sacks? It therefore looks and feels very deceptive to me and the rest of our supporters! Friendships and relationships from schooldays must not dominate political reasoning because it will lead to cronyism. The last time I checked, cronyism is not a popular approach in our modern day politics and any leader who tries to adopt this approach is surely taking a long ride.

The beauty of our modern day politics, as the APC would come to learn from the demise of the SLPP in 2007, is that money or underground tricks will no longer earn you votes. Politics has now come to depend on your power to organize, which Bockarie Stevens lacks. We, as a constituency, will not do blind loyalty and will therefore continue to remain organized for the people of Sierra Leone. Watch out, my dear brothers and sisters in the Diaspora, because Bockarie is good at swaying people through lies and promises of jobs and positions in the government! We would never let our coalition succumb to promises of personal aggrandizements but will work hard and diligently to prove a point – and indeed, we will!

I call upon all presidents of the seven Chapters and even those Chapters that are part of the Bockarie coalition; and all of their supporters, to remain steadfast and continue to stand for what we all believe is right. Bockarie cannot and will not reduce anyone of you to the ridicule and shame to which he has reduced himself and his cohorts. This recent move should be seen as the greatest embarrassment that Bockarie has ever suffered in the Diaspora. Unfortunately, he and his rebel group would want to celebrate this cabal as a victory – well, so much for people who know nothing else but to use lies and deceit to get to the top! We should not let our personal relationships with the leaderships crowd our sense of reasoning and sense of patriotism to our nation.

We want to send a message to President Koroma that leaders should always be very careful with the people they stepped and trampled on to get to the top; because those people would be the same people these leaders would find on their way to the bottom. Ask Solomon Berewa who learned that lesson the hard way; and it is a lesson that he would never forget for the rest of his life!

A president is expected to behave as a mother of twins – you lie flat on your back and let both kids have the opportunity to suck the milk from both breasts. When you decide to lie on one side, intentionally or unintentionally, you end up starving one of the kids. When you starve one of the kids to death, you have just lost a precious child; and one that cannot be replaced in its entirety even if you have more children later in life.

We still remember the days when hands used to be stretched and knees bent down very low even for the smallest amount of $5.00! We still remember when ears used to be opened to listen to even the most nonsensical of statements from our constituents! We still remember when our power to organize used to be the only thing that our leaders relied on! We still remember when our ability to raise funds was the greatest strength that the same leaders cherished so much! We still remember when last minute calls for money to finance campaigns used to be responded to with the greatest amount of urgency! Where has all of this gone? We just want our leaders to remember one thing – that we still possess all these qualities and abilities but this time around, those qualities and abilities have to be earned by someone who will be ready to listen to us after they have been fattened by our milk!

Above all, we still remember the message of a new APC that President Koroma preached to us prior to the elections. We were good students, good listeners, and a good congregation. We will keep the message and continue to organize around that same message. We will robustly use that same message as our defense against any attempt by anyone to muzzle and destabilize us. If that same message was good and melodious for our ears in 2007, it would surely be good and melodious for the ears of the majority of Sierra Leoneans in 2012!

Mr. Ambassador, you should be ashamed to think of this move as “victory” for you because, in reality, it is not. You have just proved to the whole world how cunning and untrustworthy you can be. You have just emboldened us and have given us another opportunity to remain stronger than ever before. The result of what you just did to the North America branch is going to be a terrible slap on your face; and one that will leave you blinded and powerless for many years to come. It is also going to be the last straw that is going to break your back soon. You will soon see yourself like a cow who keeps defecating as it moves along thinking that it is messing up the streets; and not knowing that it is merely inviting a host of flies to its behind! How those flies will leave the cow’s behind still remains to be experienced! The same electronic media that we had utilized to propel all of you to where you are today is going to be the same media that we will utilize to show to the world just how some of you cannot be trusted! I hope this time, you will listen to your boss, the president, and make sure you reinstate the Chapters that you have grudgingly dissolved and then call for an immediate convention!

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