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SLPP top guns visit Usu Boie

SLPP top guns visit Usu Boie

To infuse a sense of unison in the divided camp of the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), top echelons in the persons of John Oponjo Benjamin, Dr. Kadie Sesay, Ex President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, I J Kabbah, Joe Kallon and others went to pay a courtesy visit to Alhaji Usman Boie Kamara whose relationship with the party is strained of late.

Sources intimated to this press that the opposition and its top brass thought it wise to heal the cracks before the November polls.

Reports say the party is treading its paths on the solid foundation rock of the ‘One People and One Country’ conundrum, and that Usu plays an integral part within the party, so in a bid to match-up for a stronger challenge come November polls they saw the need to break the camel’s back by tying all severed relationships, especially the strained one with Usu.

By Mohamed Kabba Turay

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  • That’s the perfect truth Sarah,SLpp has lost the plot,their ideas are doomed.Tribalism,thuggery,evil-thoughts has always been their game plan. Usu Boie is a great Guy, and cannot be taken for a ride. however, time will tell,the Guy has a mind of his own and It is just too late.

    13th May 2012
  • you ignorant people make me laugh. Usman Boie has money of his own and does not need any body else’s . What he wants is RESPECT, EQUALITY, FAIRNESS and JUSTICE. These are values which are completely lacking in SLPP who have chosen a corrupt individual over a decent law abiding citizen as Usu Boie.the SLPP running mate is also corrupt and arrogant. She is definitely not a people’s person. Do not underestimate USU BOIE’s intelligence. He is soft spoken but he is not a fool so there is no need to warn him and it is the current SLPP who are unreliable. They have refused to answer to the pertinent questions he has been asking them. They cannot answer the questions because they are blinded by tribalism, thuggery and corruption. their visit was just a show and was not a sincere action to unify the party. We want the SLPP of Usu boie’s father’s time, M S Mustapha’s and Kandeh Bureh’s times. That was the respectable SLPP.

    23rd April 2012

    18th April 2012
  • Why waste time cajoling and unreliable individual who wants power at all costs and would crosscarpet for the right price. If he were the SLPP candidate , APC will brutalize him with his corrupt price,

    17th April 2012

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