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‘Cry the Gola forest’

‘Cry the Gola forest’

Desisting from a hobby as  a freelance writer is a difficult task especially, when the truth about certain events in the media, tend to be distorted.It compels me to take a fine line, and redress by a candid opinion so as to guide our future generation towards optimism that is far from bias, and hence the way forward for a better mama Salone, ” Boy oh boy wahala don fordom”

The man whose name is synonymous with ”CRY FREEETOWN” and ”CRY SORIOUS” has once again surfaced. This time a bulletin from ALJAZEERA cable network aired a documentary by the investigative journalism of Sorious Samura on corruption, thereby revealing how operatives ignorantly and with impunity or otherwise tend to disregard, the rights of living in a healthy enviroment and unscrupolously engaged in acts of unpatriotism and disregard of the law and went on destroying the environment for selfish ends call it corruption.

”CRY FREETOWN” was a documentary by Sorious Samura that revealed many hidden facts on the rebel war that was aired by the BBC World Service,that made Sorious one of the famous journalists in a conflict zone. However his fame of journalism was brought to an end by former president and warlord of Liberia Charles Taylor, accusing him of treason, thanks to the intervention by the international pleas ‘CRY SORIOUS ” would have been lynched .

I am not here to praise Sorious Samura, neither to destroy, but, to support a belief I upheld long ago on the destruction of our environmental surroundings, that are constantly exposed to man made destruction 

Recently, the last niche of Elephants in Sierra Leone has been eradicated making elephants to be extinct in Sierra Leone. Many years ago the beauty of Freetown and other landscapes around the country have been abused today Mount Aureol overlooking Freetown capital city,no longer holds its beauty as the Lion Mountains, squatters and land grabbers have given it an ugly look, also by deforestation  in some areas causing landslides during our heavy rainy season.poor planning of our cities due to land grabbing and haphazard constructions has made our city  look like ”SHANTY CITY”

Sierra Leone should not be taken for grabs or ‘kapu kapu’ ”’Na all man yone”, where every Jack and Jill aims at it with impunity to rob it ,politicians or non-politicians alike, trying to loot and siphon the natural wealth to foreign lands leaving Sierra Leone in a destitute and devastating state. Sierra Leone has to be first in a spirit of nationalism.

In the present leadership of president Dr. Ernest Koroma, one can say corruption has been curbed a little bit, having better grades than Russia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and a few others, thanks to players like the president himself, lawyer Abdul Tejan Cole of Anti Corruption fame, from a genuine perspective there are quite a few genuine Sierra Leoneans that want to see mama Salone progressing rapidly, this fight against corruption should be the yardstick to our development. Many parameters have been set in place to see that in this changing world of economic difficulty, mama Salone should thrive well and her citizenry enjoy equal share of opportunities from its potential wealth. Therefore every meaningful Sierra Leonean should be a watch dog for our welfare and generations yet unborn would find homes belonging to Sierra Leoneans and not the other way round. In my view this is part of what Sorious has done to send a strong message that Corruption should stop the implication of ministers and other government officials should not blow out of proportion and undermine the serious message that Corruption!! corruption!!  EDO SO and who dat de cap fit kan weram.

Augustine Kamara
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