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Mister Idiot : This Gbumbuna white elephant thing, the nightmare and political hogwash

Mister Idiot : This Gbumbuna white elephant thing, the nightmare and political hogwash

Mr. Idiot had a hermit of the white elephant phenomenon on the Bumbuna noise making but when he told his good old friend the Searching man that nothing is real about its working existence, he resorted to denying the fact in respect of imaginations that government would make bravado out of nothing. I told him we shall get to the outcome of such.

Anyway I’m about to give you a monologue of what is obtained in Dr. Zubairu Kaloko’s stand down action to pay Le 60 million monthly dues to the Bumbuna hydro power management on the argument that he cannot continue to pay for abstract commodity in the semblance of energy supply when it  is not forthcoming. But before going into that, let me bring you a repeat interview Mr. Idiot did with Ogun Saybana Roberts Davidson of the energy and water fame recorded on February 23, 2011.

Interview topic: “Gbumbuna wae di light, becus NPA dae fumble.” Read below these interesting lines:

Mr. Idiot: Professor, you made thrilling outbursts in your debut press briefing, in a better sense saying that you are in for the better, what difference have you brought in so far since the best is yet to come?

Professor: I have as first option a task to qualify the Brazilian squad of Natin Pass Alaki (NPA) FC to the champions’ tourneys using the Bumbuna High-Tech formula. My qualifying statement in this sense goes like this: Bumbuna is not going to rapture anymore, ‘let Emerson go sweh.’ Besides let me add this that after the lighting of Bumbuna phase one we’re going to commission it eleven times officially before handing  it over to a Joules Africa Energy producing Company that would in turn have to transact the actual business with NPA on a trial and failure basis.

Mr. Idiot: that sounds as a genius ploy to relegate NPA FC to a second tier team, but nevertheless, let me ask you this question professor, why NPA is still rationing electricity supply considering that you have just professed that Bumbuna is working in full force?

Professor: what a hearty question! Any way the waterfalls in the hydro dam scales down and under such circumstance the water level is not keeping the dam working. What I want to say in this respect is that we’ll be putting out an advertisement call for patriotism in the various media outlets to implore every Sierra Leone into sacrificing five double gallons of water each to fill in the dam and gets it working to produce the regular quantum of electricity supply that would discourage the ration supply system.

Mr. Idiot: saying this professor, I’m tempted to ask you again how deep the dam is supposed to be?

Professor: My answer may not be quite mathematical, but guess; it should be as deep as the historic river Rokel.

Mr. Idiot: Now on the real phase of Bumbuna, what would you say about the radioactive nature of the high tension cables?

Professor: I want to make it clear that Sierra Leone Bumbuna model is different from Ghana’s Akosombo dam; we are using the modern construction style that is different from that 1957 technology that was in style when Ghana actually ventured into the hydro business.

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