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Where are the bye-laws heading after DC Chapter fraud election?

Where are the bye-laws heading after DC Chapter fraud election?

2121 Industrial Pkwy, Silver Spring, Maryland 20904 was the venue wherein the Washington DC Chapter Presidential Election was held. It was on a quiet Sunday evening September 12, 2010. This event was initially peaceful but ends up to a national disgrace on the credibility of other members whom others took as role models. The Election was Fraud, Crooked, Manipulated, and in a deceitful manner.

About 5:15 pm on Sunday, voters already swamped into the polling station to be part of their nonchalant attitude.  Actions, which others were paid for to come and be naughty. Men and women with different ethnicity, Pastors, Reverend, Dickens, Lebanese and church members throughout the Virginia townships and the suburbs were transported here at the polling station. Upon their arrival, they were quickly ushered. Other church members, who arrived at this polling station, were still carrying their Holy Bibles which they grabbed and held up tight into their chests, while Yabom was trumpeting ups and down, conjuring some words out of the ordinary in to the voting station at the Industrial Pkwy, Silver Spring. Hospital nurses from the Virginia Commonwealth States, the weak, the weary, and the handicapped were cajoled to come and vote. The only persons left behind were the sick with life support and the ones in the cemeteries.

To see how this power can get people so freaky and cranky that; a woman in her late fifties from Virginia was hurried into the hall when she was reminded by her fellow women that, she was wearing mismatch shoes. Scrupulously, when asked, she told her friends that she was rushed into a moving van for her to come and vote. Her being rushed to come and fulfilled the quench of power, made this woman to wear a mismatch shoe. Failing to tell the world what was the real deal; well this was –

The game of the rule was:

(1) Pay My $20.00 Registration Fees
(2) Fill the application form for me
(3) Forge My Signature
(4) Send Me A Transport To Come And Vote –
(5) Don’t Worry About The ID Check, Mohamed Lamin Fofanah Will Flip The Voters List And Clear You To Vote.

This is America Jack, and we need an “Attitudinal Change” for our nation and the yet unborn.  Extortion, Embezzlement, Bickering and Backbiting is the chronic cancer in our organizational communities here in North America. In retrospect, as we approach the end of 2010, it is time to be broadminded, nice and attitude change, then start thinking about 2012. So, what can we expect in the bylaws of our APCNA in the future?  And where are the Bylaws headed to in 2012?

Predicting practically anything in the future is a risky endeavor indeed. For instance, I think I am safe predicting the sun will rise tomorrow. After all, I am hardly going to hear any objections if it does not. When considering the law, predictions of specific events are a bit iffy, but some general trends can certainly be foreseen. When it comes to the bylaws, everything begins with the bylaws committee and so on. It was fairly calm during the beginning of this year after the Ohio Convention which ends up with few revolutionary decisions and changes. (Photo: Essa Thaim Kurugba)

The changing of leadership in the WDC Chapter when it comes to a free and fair election was not easy for others. We have a new Chief – Elected Pres. Abdul Bero Kamara, both who we all knew as a man of good moral behavior and ready to lead. Although the WDC election was not an easy go at this time, both electoral board and other party members lived up to their conservative reputations, which gives us a hint of what is coming in 2012. Manipulation and fraud was the game of the day.

The coming period is going to be one of minor and major changes in the case of the bylaws of the NA. With the Hon. Abdul Bero Kamara “Chief” as a WDC President, the chapter has shifted to the right direction. This will equate in decisions that reduce the rights of individuals, increases the authority of the chapters’ executives and limits the regulation of embezzlement and retrogression. On the hot button topic of Transparency and Accountability, but a complete reversal of the decision certainly may not be possible for embezzlers. You can fraud and manipulate the elections but not the Bylaws. The WDC Chapter election was manipulated and results tampered.

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  • Sorry APC

    16th September 2010
  • The Election was Fraud, Crooked, Manipulated, and in a deceitful manner. Are you surprised? Me not because the safe denied Catholic Nun Thorp did the same in the last election in Sierra Leone so APC everywhere copy the same. APC everywhere dont care about reputations as same is not in the agenda.

    16th September 2010

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