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September 2009

As the saying goes - "The head of an elephant is no easy load for a child". We have seen the truth and reality of the above saying in the manner in which the so-called

Football legend Diego Maradona received a frosty reception during a stay in Italy after police confiscated the £3,600 earrings he was wearing as part of dogged efforts to recover £28 million in unpaid taxes. Italian

Today I would like my readers to join me to continue the celebrations of the ruling APC party's two years in office. I will begin by congratulating the His Excellency President Ernest Bai Koroma for

I am staring this piece by congratulating the President as he celebrated his two years in office yesterday. Governance is a process, just like wanting to get development. Within two years, good things have occurred

ERRATA! ALISTEAIR DARLING, NOT DAVID MILLIBAND IS THE BRITISH CHANCELLOR OF THE EXCHEQUER. Puawui would like to apologize to his readers for the error in his last column "SLPP needs no Lecture!" and thanks to

The Attitudinal and Behavioral Change Secretariat has on Wednesday 16th September visited the National Airport at Lungi to update the workers about the importance of attitudinal and behavioral change for the development of the country,

When Ambassador Bockarie Stevens decided to dissolve the APC North America branch and replaced it with a Five Chapter Committee with a Caretaker Executive, I am assuming he must have consulted with the best brains

Njala University, one of the two universities in the country has been marred by unchecked corruption, a strange occurrence that is being condoned by the university administration; leaving no one to account for the burst

[caption id="attachment_312" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Brima M. Turay"][/caption] Clichés are sometimes defined as overused idiomatic expressions, often dismissed as monotonous and lacking substance. However, certain clichés carry their meaning of significance regardless of when and where they

Dear Dr. Blyden, Response to Letter of 11 September 2009 This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 11 September 2009 instant.  May I seize this opportunity to thank you and accept your best wishes, on

I learnt from recent publications in the Guardian newspaper of Nigeria regarding Sierra Leone that "there is currently on the table a request by the Sierra Leonean government from Nigeria, for $300 million budgetary support

Assistant Superintendent Dennis Taylor attached to the New England Police Station has informed this Press that on Saturday September 12th 2009;  a man identified as Samura was stabbed to death in cold blood by Kalie

General Manager of Mercury International, the nation's number one lottery institution, Michael Kargbo, has expressed dissatisfaction over talks going around that parents are blaming Mercury for the poor outcome of the recent National Primary School

41 years old Mariatu Sesay, residing at Hill Top community, New England, Freetown was beaten to near death on 16th Wednesday September 2009, one Ibrahim Sheriff Police report says. According to the Station officer at New

Jui community situated on the outskirts of Freetown is in battle with the community people and The Door Christian Fellowship for a piece of land the people claim belongs to the community. Head man of