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April 2011

The big clubs in the premier league are continuously losing points while the provincial clubs are maintaining the lead in the Africell Premier league. (Photo: East End Lions) East End Lions (defending champions) have played 3

The survival and success of any organization is its ability and efforts to maintain peace and unity within its members.  As a means of promoting its agenda of peace, unity and reconciliation in APC-NA, Canada

When a close associate of mine called me on Monday evening to say that Olu Gordon had died earlier that day in London, all I could murmur to myself was,  “THERE BUT FOR THE GRACE

Even though the government is doing its best to provide access to justice for every Sierra Leonean, irrespective of geographical location, indicators at the Kabala Magistrate Court, the Police Station and the Prisons

FREETOWN: In preparation for resuming export of Sierra Leone fish products to the European market, the State House Chief of Staff has made inspection visits to Government Agencies dealing with Food and Drugs Standards in

Imagine that you are in a room with a group of international investors and corporate executives and you have the chance to tell them about a virtually untapped trove of investment potential.  (Photo: Cheick Sidi

Whenever you talk to people about Kono, the first thing you will hear is that it is the land of diamonds. This being the case, it is generally assumed that whosoever hails from this land

A pastor known for planting churches in Sierra Leone was killed in a traffic wreck more than a week ago. (Photo: Pastor Morrison Ngobeh with missionary Paul Martin in Sierra Leone, Africa.) Returning from Sierra

Freetown – In collaboration with the United States Embassy in Freetown, the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists will hold a training programme for journalists interested in setting up and operating their own blogs. It follows

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Presidential aspirant, Mohamed C. Bah, on April 1, 2011 attended a one day conference on rebuilding Sierra Leone - changing institutions and culture - at the University of Columbia, South

There's a well known slogan ''cleanliness is next to Godliness'' and I personally subscribe to that school of thought.  In human history, we can't afford to shy away from the divineness of cleanliness

When the President of Tunisia  toppled Tyson Gaye’s record as the fastest man to flee his country in the face of an uprising, it set the wheels in motion for what is seemingly becoming a

Pneumococcal vaccine reaching one of Africa’s largest countries KINSHASA, 4 April 2011 – In an effort to drastically improve the chances of children reaching their fifth birthday, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) today stepped up

As the 50th Independence Anniversary celebration kicks off, the search for the most beautiful Sierra Leonean woman in this Golden Jubilee begins. Powered by Face Entertainment, in collaboration with the 50th Independence Anniversary Committee, the Miss

Saturday 2nd April, referred to as ‘general cleaning day’ witnessed the display of stylized ruthless conduct of military personnel against vulnerable civilians.  (Photo: ' general cleaning day,' Freetown) Persons were made to compellingly clean smelly gutters