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Tripoli Says No To Criminals

Tripoli Says No To Criminals

Tripoli, an area at Susan’s Bay in central Freetown have unanimously say no to criminals that are disturbing peaceful and innocent citizens at the slum community.

The strong decision was adopted at a meeting which attracted not only stakeholders or land lords and tenants, but also graced by distinguished police personnel from the Susans Bay Police Post, including the Officer in Charge, ASP Samura, Inspector Johnson EN and Sergeant Alpha Sesay at the residence of the Tripoli community Chief Whip, Sheka Dumbuya.

Addressing attendees, Chairman for the Tripoli, Mr. Mohamed Karim Sillah, who also doubled as Chairman for the meeting started by extolling Inspector Johnson and team for their robust action against lawless and way word people living in the community, noting that the security consciousness among police officers has let them enjoy sound sleep.

He maintained that the main purpose of the meeting was to talk to themselves as house owners to help the police in combating crime by stopping to harbor or rent any suspected criminal within the designated area. The Chairman urged listeners to shout together “No to criminal”, noting that it is high time for the righteous to stop suffer for the wicked.

He spoke about the need for the police to work with stakeholders to help identify bad boys that are in the habit of snatching mobile phones and stealing money with other valuable items from people passing along Abacha Street during morning hours.

As the community has collectively agreed that all land lords should stop encouraging criminal or thief in their houses and criminal should not be encouraged to enter or stays within Tripoli environs for the area to be freed from thieves and enjoys peaceful co existent like any other united community, the Chairman, Mr. Sillah and audience tied that any land lord who may attempt to break the law must face the full penalty of the law.

He further described the meeting as a way to properly arrange and strengthen security matters within Tripoli community for the fact that, he said the community has been identified by the police as ‘Grey Area’.

The Chairman also raised that many people from Tripoli community have gone through jail sentence but later proved innocent because security personnel believes that Tripoli land lords were known to allow criminals to use their houses as safe haven.

After the community concord that a fine should be levied against any one uses invective or abusive language unnecessarily should pay a fine of Fifty Thousand Leones (Le50, 000. 00), the Chairman pronounced that any defaulter must face the full force of the law.

In his response, Inspector Johnson proclaimed they attached at the Post not to create enemy but to enforce the law, noting that he was surprised to often see stakeholders encouraged the police to compromise after a suspected criminal apprehended and detained.

“Don’t blame the Police for any security lapses because the community is failing to play their great role to identify criminals hide out,” he said it is a plus to the police if stakeholder and everybody willing to prosecute criminals.

Inspector Johnson urged all that present to identify land lords harboring or rent criminals in their houses. He assured that the Police will unite land lords and advise them to note that they would be held responsible for misfortune that may occur.

In his brief statement, the Community Chief Whip, Sheka Dumbuya stressed that disorderly behavior among what he described as ‘street boys’ at Tripoli is order of the day. He spoke about the two many fighting, bloodshed, use of abusive languages and beating of women are course for concern.

He demonstrated willingness to join the police in controlling the security system in collaboration with his neighbor, Kalilu Mansaray, popularly known as ‘Shaban’.

In his submission, the Officer in Charge for Susans Bay Community Police Post, ASP Samura emphasized that the game has changed in the security sector, recalling that last week senior officials held a meeting with them on how to strengthen the security apparatus.

He discussed that all members especially chairmen at the CSV’s will be changed as many lapses have been identified, citing the issue of giving T Shirts to people who are not performing their duties. He frowned at people who are keeping criminals in their houses without prosecuting them to the police for personal benefit they are deriving from those thieves. He assured listeners that if criminals are identified, police will definitely force them to move.

He said there are many productive activities for young people to engage, and warned Manager Shaban to be very careful in dealing with bad boys for his protection and safety of the community.

Sgt. Alpha Sesay warned the alleged bad boys to always change their behavior when he is around and identified himself as an informant who is always ready and stand vigorously to prosecute any suspected hard core criminal.

The Proprietor and Manager for Sugar Bar Entertainment at Big Wharf, Susan’s Bay community, Umaro Sesay aka ‘Shekembor’ condemned the mass beating of women at Tripoli in the full view of dumb founded neighbors who never intervened to assist helpless women succumbed to what he described as domestic violence.

Shekembor therefore urged the police to execute the law and punish law breakers.

He lamented on the prevailing lawlessness at the entire Susans Bay and Tripoli in general and appealed to young people at the designated zone to change their attitude because, he stressed that the game has changed within the security wing. He encouraged all to tender complain to the police against any defaulter to the police.

He emphasized on the need for every human being to maintain respect and dignity and warned that anyone caught buying a stolen item from a suspected thief, will equally be punished according to the provision of the law.

 By Abdulai Mento Kamara

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