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Treason Trial Defense Counsel Roasts Prosecution Witness in Sierra Leone

Treason Trial Defense Counsel Roasts Prosecution Witness in Sierra Leone

In the ongoing much-tropical treason trial of the former Defence Minister in the Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma led All Peoples Congress Government, Alfred Paolo Conteh, there seems to be a twist of events as the defense team for the accused practically roasted the prosecution witness No.4, RSLAF Staff Sergeant Dauda yeamie, during cross examination.

It could be recalled that Mr. Paolo Conteh is currently standing trial for treason after the state alleged that he purposefully took a loaded pistol to State House in a bid to kill the president.

However, it now appears the ‘bogus charges’ against the former Defence Minister is collapsing like dominoes after the testimony from the Prosecution Witness No.4 exposes the weakness of the treason allegation.

See excerpts of what transpired in court past Friday, May 29th, 2020 between Ade Macauley, one of the Defense Lawyers and the Prosecution Witness No. 4 below:

‘’Ady Question- what happened when Palo entered the reception?

*Answer*- after he walked past the Metal detector,  PC Vacky who was manning  the Scanner was focused on the monitor screen, raised his head and asked Palo to hand over his bag for scanning. 

*Ady question* you will agree with me that because his focus was on the computer screen, he did not see Palo walk in until after he had passed the metal detector and when he lifted his head up? 

*Answer* – Yes that is true.

*Ady Question*- And Palo immediately handed over to you his bag when asked to do so?

*Answer* – Yes, he handed over to his bag 💼 me.

*Ady Question*- and at the time when he was handing over to you his bag 💼, he told you that the bag contains his Pistol 🔫?

*Answer* – Yes, he told me that I am leaving this bag 💼 for a safe keeping, I have a meeting with the President and I don’t want to take along my Pistol.

*Ady Question*- you will agree with me that even before you scanned the bag to see the content, you already knew there was a Pistol in it?

*Answer* – Yes, I agree with you.

*Ady Question*- you have mentioned during your testimony that Sergeant Gaima was Present at the scene at state house?

*Answer*- yes I did

*Ady Question* you also mentioned that Gaima came down to inform you that President is expecting visitors who are coming for a meeting?

*Answer*- yes.

*Ady Question*- you mentioned the fact about Sergeant Gaima’s presence at the scene because you believe it is vital and important facts about this case

*Answer* – yes, that is true. 

*Ady Question*- you made a Statement to the police about this incident on the 20th March 2020?

*Answer* Yes I did. 

*Ady question*- And you made this statement when the facts were still fresh in your mind. 

*Answer*- yes, that is correct.

*Ady Question* – take a look at this statement, confirm this is the statement you made to the police and the signature on it is yours? 

*Answer* – yes, this is the statement and the signature is mine.

*Ady Question* and you still own up to to the content of the statement as true and correct?

*Answer* – Yes, I own up to its truthfulness. 

*Ady Question* take a look at the statement, take your time and go through it, tell me if there is any part of your police 🚔 👮 statement where you mentioned Sergeant Gaima as being present at the scene at state house?

Long Pause!!

*Ady Macauley*- now that you have taken your time to read through the statement, tell members of the Jury if you once referenced sergeant Gaima in your police statement?

Long Pause again.

*Answer* no , I did not mention him in any party of my statement.

*Ady Question* you had so much to say here today in court about the presence of sergeant Gaima at the scene at state house, tell the jury why you did not once mention Sergeant Gaima’s name to the police when you were making your statement when the facts where still fresh in your minds. 

Long pause!

*Ady* my lord, I see the witness cannot answer that question. That will be all for him.  Thank you Staff Sergeant Yeamie for your testimony.’’

Judging from what transpired at the court on Friday, it is now becoming clear that the ‘’bogus charges’’ of treason for which Mr. Paolo Conteh is standing trial is collapsing by the day.  

By Ibrahim Alusine Kamara

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