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Orange Sierra Leone Exposed

Orange Sierra Leone Exposed

According to  documents from the State House Intelligence Unit and the defunct Economic Crimes and Anti-Fraud Unit which are in possession of Sierra Express Media , Orange Sierra Leone, one of the country’s telecommunications companies, has not only been engaging in massive economic fraud but has also been exposing innocent customers and Sierra Leoneans in general to grave health hazards. (Photo: Aminata Kane CEO at Orange Sierra Leone)

These anomalies were discovered following an in-depth investigation conducted by a team of international experts in conjunction with experts from the Nuclear & Radiation Protection Board on the repeater masts/poles of telecom companies operating in Sierra Leone.

According to the experts’ reports, Orange Sierra Leone is by-passing international best practice and the precautionary principle, by spacing telecom masters/telecom repeater poles at much further distances than internationally recommended.

The reports further state that ‘’Orange has hundreds of telecom masts nationwide, which they inherited and indeed supplemented the quantity by erecting more will-nilly, whether on private plots or public land, but the incredible finding, is that a sample surveyed of these telecoms masts emit enormous amounts of non-ionising microwave radiation way above international thresholds – for example those limits on microwave emissions controlled by the International commission on Non-Ionising Radiation (ICNIRP).’’ The reason for this, according to the experts, is that Orange and other telecom providers do not want to spend millions of dollars on evenly spaced masts/poles (which all require a 15 – 30 kva generator & accompanying diesel plus guard to operate) so they turn up the microwave power of the masts/poles so the distant mast/pole sees the signals of telecom users (consumers) at a fraction of the would-be-efficacious architecture-costs!

This, they say, is all performed whilst extracting top-ups from our unwitting innocent people who are being grossly and excessively radiated by microwaves varying in frequencies from 1 gigahertz to 6 gigahertz microwave! In comparison, they say, a microwave oven operates at 2.45 Gigahertz.

As an example, the report detailed how the measurement of a mast in Aberdeen in front of the Maternity hospital radiated so much microwave energy from Orange pole 5 times the international threshold – that it was conjectured, pregnant mothers and those delivering at the unit, could be at risk.

Following the above discovery, ECAFU/ State House Intelligence Unit contacted an international scientist resident in Sierra Leone who apparently trained NATCOM, EPA etc in the past and was a former European Commission staff member, to verify the veracity of the experts’ findings.

 In fact, the reports further state, the said expert was taken to several sites and there it was confirmed that different random masts were emitting way above the internationally recommended limit for microwave emission for a person’s medical health and safety.

ECAFU/State House Intelligence Unit therefore contend, that by the telecom companies particularly Orange, not informing their customers-consumers of the adverse health risks, heightening the power whilst taking billions of Leones in revenue, we, the population of Sierra Leone, are all being taken, unwittingly, as fools whilst these companies enrich themselves at the expense of our health.  In effect, this is economic crime perpetrated by Orange Sierra Leone upon the populace undetected by the Regulators NATCOM or EPA, etc.  (due to no equipment) this insidious threat is ever-present.

After a conducted confidential audit on every Orange telecom mast/Pole across the country, which are analyzed through an excel spreadsheet  with each microwave emission data, mast/pole proximity to hospitals, schools etc and after analysis, it was confirmed through bountiful evidence that a high-level fine amounting to over eight hundred million dollars ( $ 800,000,000) should be levied on Orange, plus remediation of the problem masts/poles.

The erection of these masts/poles wherever turf is found, on a house/building roof, in a private yard or plot of land without any planning permissions, exacerbates the findings and portends this invisible signal, harming the population, may bankrupt our health system in years to come in the cases of cancer, etc., that experts suggest can arise from long term exposure.

Although the management of Orange has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, documents abound to this medium have proved otherwise and in subsequent edition, more demining revelations will be made.

By Ibrahim Alusine Kamara

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